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Does the delight of falling in love need realization or promise?

Chapter-1 Dreams of a happy girl of Malviya Nagar

This story is about Samantha; she is now 25years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, with tanned skin, curly hair, slim but curvy, sparkling eyes, a tippy nose, and squeezy lips. And she loves to wear exotic clothes that fit her body. She lives with her parents in a 3BHK house in a 3-story building in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India. However, her family is of Parsian Indian origin. Her father is an engineer in an MNC, and her mother is a housewife. Still, her mother used to be a teacher in the past, and she is studying to become an engineer. 

She is an introvert, although she reacts dominatingly to the situation. If happy, she loves to take pictures and dance; when sad, she prefers to be left alone and wants someone to understand without saying a single word. She is an innocent lair when she is proven to be wrong. Whereas she wants to be rich but also believes in social welfare, and she gets her motivation from her self-confidence that she can do it and will improve. She is judgemental and polite but rude at times. Her dream is to go to Paris once in life.

Chapter-2 Does moving to a new fantastic place give happiness?

Samantha and her family bought a new apartment in Saket, Delhi, and shifted there to live. In a society named Blue Vally, it is beautiful with the trees, significant buildings, an open blue sky, playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a gym, away from pollution and traffic sounds. Now they live in the fresh air and are peaceful living. At night get a clear sky with twinkling stars and a bright moon. But their only worry is they live on an empty floor and have no neighbors.

Finally, a few months passed, and a couple came by to look for a flat on the same floor, a hope came. They bought the adjacent apartment, but the catch is they both work in the merchant navy. The husband is in crew engineer, and the wife has a job overseas. So, the couple barely stays in India for long; they all get together and have parties and dinners when they visit.

A few months passed, and a family came by to see the other flat on the same floor; it is a three-flats per floor, 7-story building, and they lived on the top floor. The new family also bought the flat and got shifted one month later. The new family consists of 4 members a father, a mother, a son named Rajesh, and a daughter named Rani.

Rajesh is 22 years old, 6 feet tall, has fair skin, short hair, peaceful eyes, a straight nose, a charming smile, high cheekbones, broad shoulders, big muscular arms, and thick legs. He looks confident, handsome, and gentlemen. Everyone likes his jokes; he is soft-spoken, extroverted, gets angry with little things, and lives happily. He dreams of buying a villa, luxurious automatic cars, and becoming the youngest billionaire. His big dreams motivated him at the age of 16 to start working.

However, he is a polite and kind person but at times rude. Because of his dreams, he never enjoyed the small childhood moment. He was always in a hurry to do something productive for the future he wished. He now has his car and paid for his new flat, which they shifted. Everything apart, he gets amused by new technology and the internet. With just a tiny gadget and networking, we can get anywhere in the world and know about anything surprisingly. He tries to make time to research web development in his free hours. 

The Day Rajesh’s family moved into the new flat, Samantha and Rajesh saw each other for the first time, but they didn’t talk. Both the families meet and greet each other. Her family welcomed them openly in the new flat, helped them settle in, spoke about the social stuff, and got to know each other.

Several days passed, and they just noticed each other but never talked. But, of course, they don’t understand why is that? Because they wanted to say at least hi and start talking somehow. 

Chapter-3 A bad day turned into a happy one.

Girl and boy holding hand
Holding Hand? Is it the realization of falling in Love?

One morning at 7 o’clock, Samantha was traveling to her college to attend the lecture in the metro, and Rajesh was also in the same metro going out for some work. So none of them realized each other’s presence.

She was using her phone, scrolling on social media, and bored, then suddenly noticed he was sitting in the next coach. So she busted in there to get seen by Rajesh. But he was busy on his laptop, probably researching or preparing for his work today; hence she failed. But when sadly she was about to walk out from the metro at her station, Rajesh also did, like this was the destiny to talk today finally, and she got hope.

But as Rajesh was really in a hurry, he again didn’t notice her and got away in a flash. She tried to catch his speed, but her heels didn’t help, and she was about to fall on the staircase. Then she went for her lecture but fell asleep, and in her dreams, she relived her morning.

He said, “Hi, Samantha!”. 

“Oh! Hi,” replied with excitement and (He knows my name?) think.

“Your heels must be killing you; you can sit here.” Said, offering his seat.

“Thanks.” she sat smiling while looking into his eyes.

“Where are you heading?” Asked curiously.

“To my college and you?” She replied happily.

“Oh, I have a big day today. I had been waiting for this day for a long time; I can’t say much now but wish me luck.” Requested nervously.

“Yeah, of course; have a great day and all the best.” She wished him from her heart.

“Will you stop smiling in your dreams, Samantha? Wake up!” Asked, shaking her body.

“What?” Replied weirdly, snapping out of her dream.

Professor was standing next to him, and her friend was trying to wake her, and the whole auditorium filled with laughter; Samantha felt embarrassed and tilted her face down to avoid eye contact.

“Do you need some coffee, Miss Samantha?” Asked with sarcasm.

“No, professor!” She replied innocently and embarrassingly.

“Guess I’m here to give the lecture and teaching, not bringing coffee mugs for my students.” Again with sarcasm and a fake smile on his face.

“Sorry, professor, I was up late last night because our guest headed out at 2 AM.” Replied with an excuse.

“Hope next time guests plan to head out and let you have a sleep, but now focus and catch little power naps during the breaks that wouldn’t disturb any of your further lectures.” Profess advised.

The lecture continued, and now she is tried not to fall asleep in any other classes and takes little power naps during the day. Finally, college ended today, and she walked out of today’s embarrassment, not focusing on the road. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Rajesh bumped into her. 

“I’m sorry,” both of them said unanimously and saw each other and laughed.

“Hey,” draw his hand for a shake.

“Hello,” shake his hand.

“What’s up?” Asked with a smile.

“Nothing much, going home.” Replied.

“Are you hungry? Mind sharing dim sim momos with me?” Asked patiently.

“Umm, sure.” She answered happily.

They both enjoy the delicacy of the warm and juicy dish with spicy Szechwan sauce, the vendor special, bringing heaven into their mouths, tears in their eyes, and smile on their faces. It was good enough; they ordered one more batch, unknowingly filling their stomach. Now, non of them are hungry and left to go home together via metro.

In the metro, they were now standing together very close due to rush hours; even they didn’t realize that they were holding each other. So now they are talking to each other and laughing out loud. Everyone was looking at them each time when they laughed loudly, but they were just into each other and forgot about the surrounding.

Now, their station comes they escape the metro while holding their hands the whole time without even realizing what it means. But when they reached the society, they parted away and began texting each other on the phone. Finally, they met in the empty lift of their building and hugged each other. Everything happened, but no one talked about being a couple.

They are in their own homes, keeping their phones aside. It’s almost dinner time, but both of them are full, so they didn’t eat much at dinner. None of them talked about each other to their parent about the meeting today. After dinner, they started thinking about each other. Then, both texted each other simultaneously and smiled again. 

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I couldn’t sleep, maybe thinking about you.” He replied confidently.

Blushed and asked, “me?”

“Yes, we had a great time together; it was fun.” Replied.

“Yes, it was a depressing day before we met. Thanks!” Texted with a smiley emoji.

“Mention not.” replied. 

They wished “Good night” and fell asleep.

Chapter-4 With anger, fights need a confrontation to be happy.

A couple siting on a bench on a sunny day
A couple’s day out enjoying the beautiful day

 Now each time they see each other, they smile, but don’t meet or text each other but only smile. Finally, a few days pass, and Samantha texts him, “Hi.”

But he is busy with the work and doesn’t text her back. Then, after a few days, she again texts him, “Hey, how are you?”

But again, he ignores her text.

The next day morning, they meet in the building’s empty lift. He passes a fake smile and starts using his phone, but she feels ignored and confronts him.

“Hey, why are you ignoring me?”, Asked him with a worried face.

“Cause you ignored me first.” He replied angrily.

“I ignored you? But when?” Asked in confusion.

“Other day! When you were going to the metro, I was screaming, Samantha! But you didn’t stop for me.” Replied in anger.

“Oh! I’m sorry, but I must be listening to songs with earphones on. When I am alone, I listen to songs on my earphones.” Replies in her defense with a sad face.

They hit the ground, lift gates open, and creep out of society. 

“I’m sorry, Rajesh. That didn’t happen on purpose.” She apologizes.

“Okay, I’m sorry for ignoring you.” He also apologizes.

“Good morning. Are you going to college?” asked curiously.

“No, it’s Saturday. I’m going out with my friends.” replied and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m also going out to refresh my mind.” 

“Alone? And where?” 

“No, with my piece of mind, somewhere quiet.” Replied in a fun way.

They reached the metro; she stayed on the platform waiting for her friends while he took the metro and traveled away. Finally, after waiting for half an hour, her friends came. Then they planned to go to the Qutab Minar, a historical monument in Delhi, India.

In the beginning, it was a seven-story tower, but at present, it is only four stories because an airplane got hit and the building lost its three levels. Nevertheless, it is a peaceful place with several other historical monuments, the Iron Pillar, Alau’d-Din’s Tomb, etc., around it and under an open sky, surrounded by greenery.

They traveled through the metro to the Qutab Minar metro station and then took a three-wheeler to the Qutab Minar. One of Samantha’s friends bought tickets, and others were waiting at the entry gates. Suddenly, Samantha thinks she saw Rajesh in there also but didn’t call his name because she wasn’t sure. Finally, her friend came with the tickets and walked into the Qutab Minar’s area. Everybody started taking the picture, and Samantha also forgot about Rajesh.

After a while, they got tired and landed on the grass. Some guy was sleeping near them with a handkerchief on his face under the shade of a tree. Her friends started making fun and laughing loudly. Finally, the guy sleeping got irritated and walked away to another place. Samantha now noticed he was Rajesh but didn’t say anything to him because she was embarrassed by her friend’s act. Then Rajesh also saw that Samantha was in the Qutab Minar. He is in a happy mood now, so he went to talk with her and enjoy the day. 

“Hey, Samantha.” He waved his hand.

She looked back and smiled. “Hello, Rajesh.”

“You didn’t tell me that you would be coming here.” Asked.

“It was planned later after meeting together.” Replied smilingly and asked, “So, sleeping on the grass under a blue sky is your peaceful place.”

He laughed and said, “Hahaha yeah, but some people ruined my quiet place.”

Now she introduced him to her friends, saying, “Hey, guys, he is Rajesh, my new neighbor.”

“The one you told us about, he is handsome.” One of her friends said.

She blushed, and so did Rajesh. There was a clumsy stillness.

“Will you guys be dwelling in here anymore?” Asked with patient eyes.

“No, we are about to leave.” She replied and asked, “Are you coming with us?”

“Yes, where are we going now?”

“We are hungry; going to eat something first.”

“Great, I am also starving now.”

They all left together and crashed into the canteen to end hunger. After, Rajesh, Samantha, and her friends were ready to call it a day. So they all parted ways, greeting each other to meet next time. Then Rajesh and Samantha were again together, going home in the metro.

When they reached, they stepped out again, holding their hands. They arrived at their building’s lift, and there were many peoples, so they took the staircase this time. The staircase was empty; usually, no one used it.

While looking into Samantha’s eyes, Rajesh simultaneously stopped her, grabbed her from the belly with one hand and the other hand, held her head, then tilted her backward and kissed her; she didn’t resist him. It looked like she was waiting for him to kiss her, then they hugged tightly and went up to their floor.

Samantha and Rajesh didn’t talk about this. They couldn’t see each other, were blushing and got into their houses. Samantha just ran into her room without saying anything. It was her first kiss; she didn’t know how she felt, but it was exciting. After that, she tried to sleep but couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. But when Rajesh also smashed into his room, his sister was in his room crying. 

Chapter-5 Rajesh, a responsible brother

When he asked, “why is she crying?” she didn’t tell him anything and tried to run into her room. But he stopped her and asked again, “Why are you crying? Tell me I’m your brother.”

“Some boys were harassing me while I was getting back from tuition this evening, and I didn’t tell this to anyone yet,” she said in a crying voice. 

He got angry, but first, he tried to make her feel safe and stop crying. Then, they had dinner and slept. The next day, she was a little afraid to attend that tuition because she feared those boys. So, Rajesh went with her to drop and waited outside until she got came back. That day no one came, and she gets to home happily. But she was still a little afraid, so he told her he had taken care of everything. Now she didn’t have to worry about anything; no one would ever trouble her again. So, she got relaxed and went outside without any fear after that. 

Chapter-6 Realization of Love and making a promise

Now, Rajesh was also happy. He stepped out of his home and saw Samantha looking at him angrily. She showed him eyes and signaled him to meet her on the staircase again. He followed her. 

After a few floors, she stopped and asked him, “Why are you ignoring me this time?”

“What? We only meet today after that day. Why are you feeling ignored?” Asked with confusion.

“I had texted you that night, but you didn’t reply to my text yet. So now, you are asking me why I am feeling ignored,” she asked angrily.

He took out his phone, checked that he had received several texts, and realized. “I’m so sorry, Samantha, something came up, and I got so into it I didn’t check my phone since then.” He apologies. 

She ran away with her crying face. Rajesh tried to talk to her, but she was hurt and didn’t listen to him. He texted her, but she wasn’t even replying to his texts, unanswered call.

Then he decided to confront her face to face the following day. On the next day, he waited for her on the staircase. When she came out of her flat, he grabbed her hand and took her to the stairs. He told her about the catastrophe in her sister’s life. After that, she wasn’t upset anymore; she hugged him tightly out of happiness, and then he kissed her. Now, they went out; he took her to a theatre where they watched a romantic movie, then to a cafe where they enjoyed a meal. Finally, there was a flower vendor. He bought a rose budget; he bowed down on his knee, held her hand while looking into her eyes, and said, “I love you. Will you be my life partner in happiness or sorrow, health or disease, great adventures or hell of the times of my life?”

a bush hiding boy and girl looking at each other while smiling
Boy and girl realize they fall in love

She didn’t expect it to be this, but when it happened, she got frozen. Then, she screamed excitedly and said, “I love you too. Yes, I will be your life partner. 

This story was about Samantha and Rajesh meeting and getting into a relationship after many struggles. Enough for this time; what happened after is the story for the next time. I hope everyone likes it and feels the emotions and struggles of falling in Love and realization.

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