TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U Plus on Ubuntu Linux Machine

How to boost internet speed on your old Ubuntu Linux machine?

I Have bought a  TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U Plus dual-band USB wireless Wi-Fi adaptor, so this blog will specifically be about “How to install TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U Plus on Ubuntu Linux?” If you are a little familiar with hardware and software, you know that you need a specific driver for some hardware to work with the particular software. 

So, the TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U Plus dual-band USB wireless wifi adaptor works well with your Windows and Mac OS, you only need to plug it in, and it will automatically install the driver needs. If not, the product comes with a CD in the box, or you can go to the tp-link website and find one. 

But in the case of Linux users, we need to install some third-party driver, which is also fine because the Linux developers community is taking care of us with everything. Then, we need to search on Google with the adaptor name and our Linux Distro name, and bingo! Our distros developers will provide solutions on their website or for other Linux users.

  1. First, plug in your adaptor to your machine.
  2. Then, open your web browser and search “Install TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U plus driver on Ubuntu Linux.”
  3. Next, open anyone and follow the instruction from there.


  1. Plug in your USB adaptor and then open the terminal.
  2. Run the following command line:
    1. Update the package information: “Sudo apt update”
    2. Install dkms and git: “sudo apt install dkms git”
    3. Install Build Dependencies: “sudo apt install build-essential libelf-dev linux-headers-$(uname -r)”
    4. Download the Driver files using git: “git clone”
    5. Navigate to the Downloaded directory: “cd rtl88*”
    6. Install the driver: “sudo make dkms_install”
    7.  if the installation is aborted , execute this command ”sudo dkms remove 8812au/ –all” , if errors pop up ”’Usage: remove / –all”’

Uninstalling Driver from the Linux Machine

  1. Check the module and module version of the driver by running the command line “Sudo dkms status” the following result will pop: 8812au,, 5.13.0-44-generic, x86_64: installed. Here module is 8812au, and the module version is
  2. Now use “sudo dkms remove <module>/<module_version>” that will delete the module version altogether from the dkms tree.
  3. Delete the module file: “sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dkms/8812au/” running this command line.

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